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This year is crucial for the play and picnic area we are nearly there - Work has finally started and as you can see from the below image going really well...

Your Woodland Play Park needs you!

We are making excellent progress with the construction of the new Play park at Swalcliffe Park School. Our next task is to plant some native hedging around the perimeter fence to provide additional screening and protection - and to encourage wildlife. We have ordered 275 bare root mixed hedging plants and we need help to plant them in situ to get them established over the winter months.

We have organised a Hedge Planting Working Party on Saturday 8th December from 10.30 - 12.30. No horticultural skills needed - just bring along your own trowel and a kneeler if you need one and some gardening gloves (some of the plants may be thorny), and we will show you what to do. Children welcome who I'm sure will be able to pitch in too.

Please let me know if you are free and able to help. Thank you. INFO@SWALCLIFFE.ORG

Swalcliffe Park Equestrian

As part of this years more inclusive village we are including as many event within the village as possible please click here to see the event that will take place at Swalcliffe Park

Swalcliffe Tithe Barn

At the west end of the village stands Swalcliffe tithe barn, an impressive 15th century traditional Tithe Barn. Built in 1401-1407 this is considered one of the best examples of a medieval tithe barn in England and features an almost completely intact medieval timber half-cruck roof. The barn is open free of charge on Sundays from Easter to October and houses part of the Oxfordshire Museum's collection of traditional agricultural and trade vehicles and an exhibition of 2,500 years of Swalcliffe history. for more info and opening times click here

“This historic church in Swalcliffe is a distinguishing landmark  for many miles. There has been a church here for at least a 1,000 years.”
Colin Hill

This church would make an ideal film location.

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